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Turkey Scholarships

Every year, the Turkish government offers a golden opportunity to students wishing to complete their studies in Turkey, by opening the door to applying for the Turkish scholarship But the question now is .. What is the reason behind the high demand for this scholarship? .. And what are the conditions for applying for it? .. And what papers are required to be prepared? .. Well, we will answer these questions and more in some detail within the next few minutes. What is the Turkish government scholarship 2021? It is one of the most famous scholarships in the world, and as an invitation offered by the Turkish government, in cooperation with universities, to foreign students from all parts of the world to complete their education in various academic stages (bachelor's, master's, and doctorate). What advantages does the Turkish government scholarship provide for students? Turkish universities are ranked among the top 500 universities in the world, and they use the latest technological means in education, which ensures that the student gets the maximum possible benefit from the scholarship .. We will now enumerate some of the advantages of the Turkish government scholarship. 1- The Turkish scholarship is one of the easiest grants that a student can obtain due to the high acceptance rates, which reach 4000 students every year. 2- The Turkish scholarship includes most academic majors at all levels. 3- Students can visit museums and archaeological sites for free. 3- Accommodation costs: The government shall bear the student’s residence expenses in full for the duration of his studies. 4- Travel expenses: the student gets free airline tickets from his country to Turkey and vice versa, until he returns to his home country. 5- Language: The scholarship provides the opportunity to study the Turkish language free of charge without paying any fees for a full year. 6- Domestic transportation: The Turkish government provides a card for every student to use public transportation at nominal prices. 7- Health insurance: The student is entitled to free health insurance for the duration of the study. 8- A monthly stipend: The student receives a monthly salary whose value varies

according to the stage of study as follows: Researchers get 3,000 Turkish Liras. A doctoral student gets 1,400 Turkish liras. A master's student gets 950 Turkish liras. A bachelor's student gets 700 Turkish liras. Conditions for registration in the Turkish scholarship: The registration requirements differ slightly with regard to the total score and the age of the applicant, depending on the difference in the school stage .. Here are the most important of these conditions: First: Conditions for registering at the bachelor’s level 1- The student's cumulative total should not be less than 70%. 2- The student must not be more than 21 years old. Second: Conditions for registration at the master’s level 1- The applicant must have at least 75% in the bachelor’s degree. 2- The applicant's age should not be more than 30 years. Third: Conditions for registration at the PhD level 1- The applicant must obtain a GPA of not less than 75% in the master's degree. 2- His age should not exceed 35 years. Note: The student must not be registered in a Turkish university before, or hold Turkish citizenship.

Specializations of the Turkish scholarship 2021? The Turkish scholarship specializations include all the specializations available in the Turkish universities concerned with the grant, including medical sciences, engineering sciences, applied sciences, arts, and humanities, business administration, economic sciences, media, political and legal sciences, technology and computer science, arts, and many other disciplines such as Physiotherapy and orthopedic surgery.

The papers required to apply for the Turkish scholarship? 1- High school diploma and a statement of grade average. 2- A valid passport or ID card. 3- Personal photo (it must be white or blue background). 4- The certificate of the previous stage (if you intend to study the master's degree, you will provide a bachelor's degree ... and so on). 5- letter of motivation (intent) 6- Recommendation letter (2 letters) 7- Some Turkish universities require that the applicant pass some tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, YDS, GRE, GMAT. Important note: All papers must be translated into Turkish or English. If this is your first experience applying to the scholarship .. Let us help you apply for the Turkish government scholarship through us and increase your chances of acceptance.

Documents required for some universities or majors only Certificate of approved English language examination, in case the chosen university requires a language certificate If it does not . IELTS and TOEFL as a prerequisite. Accredited certificates are the TOEFL certificate The language certificate is not available during the application, it must be prepared until the date of the interview. 2) A certified [skills] competency exam certificate, in case the chosen university requires it. Ask . GMAT or GRE This certification is mostly for graduate students, as an exam certificate If the required certificate is not available during the application period, it must be prepared until the date of the interview. - 1) Certificates of experience in previous work in which the applicant was organized. 2) Certificates of participation in training or qualification courses or seminars. 3) Certificates of honor in any field. 4) Certificates of participation in service volunteer activities. 5) Any certificate, document, or other award obtained by the applicant except in school or work. ​ ​ ​

To apply, click here

Noticeable : You can use the link above to create an account and fill in basic information However, you will not be able to complete the application until after the registration is officially opened The Elios and SAT certificate is not a requirement for submission. Students who are in Turkey and who hold a temporary protection card can (Kimlik) Attach a copy of the card instead of a copy of the passport. The attached papers do not need to be translated or modified if they are in Engli

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